photo-attorneys-mainBand Gates and Dramis is the premier law firm specializing in personal injury litigation.  We work for the little guy, not the big powerful corporations.   Our attorneys are renowned for their expertise as aggressive, knowledgeable, well prepared trial lawyers.   Verdicts in the millions in recent litigations demonstrate that we have the ability to garner compensation for our clients.   We are, however, more than that.  We develop relationships with our clients, relationships of support and mutual respect.

comm-down-town-arialNationally, we have worked with over hundreds of clients; we have many years of experience, and now boast of more than 250 attorneys and support staff of almost 1,500.   We have demonstrated our abilities as trial attorneys throughout many states.   We’ve been featured on USA Today and CNN, and have been written about in many legal publications.   Many of our attorneys have received the AV designation, which translates to a level of professionalism recognized by peers in the industry.

We do not represent large corporations; rather we work for the people.   We would love to work for you, and invite you to contact us to discuss your potential case.